South East Water: Enlightening communities about the Urban Water Cycle

日本語まとめ (Summary in Japanese)



A Melbourne water provider wanted to enlighten the community about the negative effects of stormwater runoff in urban and suburban areas.

As the UI designer, I had the opportunity and creative freedom to conceptualise an online experience to encourage the community to act for the health of our valuable natural resource – water.

In order to craft an engaging experience that encourages the local community to learn and act on, I designed a single-page campaign page such that as the user scrolls, the world rotates to follow raindrops as it runs off hard surfaces in suburbia: from the roads, to the drain, to the river. 

Using recognisable Melbourne iconic buildings, the web page was crafted to immerse the audience into a world in which they can relate to, telling the story of the urban water cycle – both as it stands now, and how they can make positive change.

Having the freedom to be very hands on, my role included concept design, visual design, 3D modelling, animation, interface and interaction design.

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