R@kuten Redesign Concept

Enabling users to focus on shopping, on one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world.

My Home Interactive 3D App

Created for a water retailer, this desktop application provides householders tailored tips on smart water use around the house. Users can customise water usage around the house to find out how they can save on their next water bill. Designed at Websilk, my role included UI design, interaction design, visual design, and 3D modelling. View…

Australian Early Development Census 2015

AEDC is a nationwide survey of how Australian children develop as they enter their first year of education. A web application was required for schools and prep teachers across Australia to participate in collecting data, and for state and territory coordinators to monitor data collection. Initial concepts were created to elicit user and business requirements….

Urban Water Cycle Scroll Website

A Melbourne water provider wanted an engaging website that would enlighten the community about the effect of stormwater in urbia and suburbia; to encourage the community to act for the health of our valuable natural resource – water. A storybook style single-page website was created, letting users follow raindrops from the roads, to the drain,…

South East Water Business Calculator Portal Design

This tool was created to provide businesses personalised advice on how to save water usage and make sustainable business decisions. It also supports the Office of Living Victorias Melbournes Water Future strategy by educating businesses about their water consumption for better planning and greater cost savings. Being the first tool of its kind in Australia,…