My Home Interactive 3D App

Created for a water retailer, this desktop application provides householders tailored tips on smart water use around the house. Users can customise water usage around the house to find out how they can save on their next water bill. Designed at Websilk, my role included UI design, interaction design, visual design, and 3D modelling. View…

Urban Water Cycle Scroll Website

A Melbourne water provider wanted an engaging website that would enlighten the community about the effect of stormwater in urbia and suburbia; to encourage the community to act for the health of our valuable natural resource – water. A storybook style single-page website was created, letting users follow raindrops from the roads, to the drain,…

3D Chateau

This was an R&D project created in Maya aimed to make realistic water and building with signs of water damage and age. The scene was created from scratch and involved 3D modeling, texture mapping, lighting, animating, rendering, and video editing.

Rubicon Water 3D Engineering Visualisation

Rubicon Water wanted a stylised 3D animation that describes how their automated irrigation system works.  With help from engineers and the marketing department, this 3D visualisation video was developed. Later trasnsated into 3 languages, this explanatory animation is used in both sales and training sessions.   Keiko quickly developed an understanding of our highly technical…

Mintleaf Website

Mintleaf needed to redesign their website to show off their work while keeping the page structure and content untouched for SEO. As a designer at Websilk, I was responsible for the art direction, layout, visual design, and banner creation. 3D elements were also created to incorporate into banners.

Architectural Visualisation

This photo-realistic architectural visualisation was created in a very short time-frame based on elevation and floor plans.

House Visualisation

This photo-realistic 3D render of a house was created in a short time-frame based on elevation and floor plans.

3D Animation: SunDay

Screened at the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2011, this animation was created in a team of two in a span of ten weeks. My role included environment modeling & texturing, props modeling & rigging, character & environment texturing, lighting, rendering and video editing.