About me



Design starts with uncovering the What and the Why.

As a Senior UX & UI Designer, I have both local and abroad experience working with diverse teams to craft experiences that matter to people: the customers, staff, students, donors, teachers, researchers.

I enjoy crafting intuitive journeys for users on desktop and mobile devices, and love the challenge of simplifying complex concepts, data, and flows to make the experience meaningful to users.

By analysing user goals and business vision to uncover the deeper motives and drivers, I translate insights into purposeful layouts and interactions; designing for an effortless flow and interface that is quietly delightful.


A little about me:

I’ve been passionate about designing websites since I was twelve, but it was at my first full-time job that I learnt about user-centric design and I came to see that design is much more than just visual appeal: it’s about architecting solutions to address user and business goals.

After spending several years in professional practice honing my interface design skills, I had the opportunity to work in Japan’s largest e-commerce company as a creative web director.

Now, back in Melbourne, I do what I do best; translate user insights and business needs into layouts and interactions. I help break down complex ideas and discover the ‘why’ behind them to bring simplicity, intuitiveness, and purpose to design solutions.

Specialising in websites and applications, I create interactive prototypes to ideate, communicate, and test detailed concepts of layouts, user journeys, content and visuals. And when the time is right, I inject colour and transitions to bring products to life.

Resume on LinkedIn (English)

Resume on Wantedly (Japanese)